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Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ1 Acupuncture Point (關衝 (guān chōng)) / (관충 (gwan chung))

Chinese: 關衝 (guān chōng)

Korean: 관충 (gwan chung)

Translation: Surge Gate

CAM Location: on lateral side of ring finger about 0.1 cun from corner of nail.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ2 Acupuncture Point (液門 (yè mén)) / (액문 (aeng mun))

Chinese: 液門 (yè mén)

Korean: 액문 (aeng mun)

Translation: Fluid Gate

CAM Location: when fist is clenched point is located in depression proximal to margin of web between ringer and small fingers at junction of red and white skin.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ3 Acupuncture Point (中渚 (zhōng zhǔ)) / (중저 (jung jeo))

Chinese: 中渚 (zhōng zhǔ)

Korean: 중저 (jung jeo)

Translation: Central Islet

CAM Location: when fist is clenched point is on dorsum of hand between 4th and 5th metacarpal bones in depression proximal to 4th metacarpophalangeal joint.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ4 Acupuncture Point (陽池 (yáng chí)) / (양지 (yang ji))

Chinese: 陽池 (yáng chí)

Korean: 양지 (yang ji)

Translation: Yang Pool

CAM Location: on transverse crease of dorsum of wrist in depression lateral to tendon of extensor digitorum communis.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ5 Acupuncture Point (外關 (wài guān)) / (외관 (oe gwan))

Chinese: 外關 (wài guān)

Korean: 외관 (oe gwan)

Translation: Outer Gate

CAM Location: 2 cun proximal to dorsal crease of wrist on line connecting SJ-4 and tip of olecranon between radius and ulna.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ6 Acupuncture Point (支溝 (zhī gōu)) / (지구 (ji gu))

Chinese: 支溝 (zhī gōu)

Korean: 지구 (ji gu)

Translation: Branch Ditch

CAM Location: 3 cun proximal to dorsal crease of wrist on line connecting SJ-4 and tip of olecranon between radius and ulna on radial side of extensor digitorum.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ7 Acupuncture Point (會宗 (huì zōng)) / (회종 (hui jung))

Chinese: 會宗 (huì zōng)

Korean: 회종 (hui jung)

Translation: Convergence & Gathering

CAM Location: at level with SJ-6 on ulnar side of SJ-6 on radial border of ulna.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ8 Acupuncture Point (三陽絡 (sān yáng luò)) / (삼양락 (sam yang nak))

Chinese: 三陽絡 (sān yáng luò)

Korean: 삼양락 (sam yang nak)

Translation: Three Yang Connection

CAM Location: 4 cun proximal to dorsal crease of wrist between radius and ulna.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ9 Acupuncture Point (四瀆 (sì dú)) / (사독 (sa dok))

Chinese: 四瀆 (sì dú)

Korean: 사독 (sa dok)

Translation: Four Rivers

CAM Location: on lateral side of forearm 5 cun below olecranon between radius and ulna.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ10 Acupuncture Point (天井 (tiān jǐng)) / (천정 (cheon jeong))

Chinese: 天井 (tiān jǐng)

Korean: 천정 (cheon jeong)

Translation: Heavenly Well

CAM Location: when elbow is flexed point is in depression about 1 cun superior to olecranon.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ11 Acupuncture Point (清冷淵 (qīng lěng yuān)) / (청랭연 (cheong naeng yeon))

Chinese: 清冷淵 (qīng lěng yuān)

Korean: 청랭연 (cheong naeng yeon)

Translation: Clear Cold Abyss

CAM Location: 1 cun above SJ-10 when elbow is flexed.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ12 Acupuncture Point (消濼 (xiāo luò)) / (소박 (so bak))

Chinese: 消濼 (xiāo luò)

Korean: 소박 (so bak)

Translation: Dispersing Riverbed

CAM Location: on line joining olecranon and SJ-14 midway between SJ-11 and SJ-13.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ13 Acupuncture Point (臑會 (nào huì)) / (뇌회 (noe hui))

Chinese: 臑會 (nào huì)

Korean: 뇌회 (noe hui)

Translation: Upper Arm Convergence

CAM Location: on line joining olecranon and SJ-14 on posterior border of deltoid muscle.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ14 Acupuncture Point (肩髎 (jiān liáo)) / (견료 (gyeol lyo))

Chinese: 肩髎 (jiān liáo)

Korean: 견료 (gyeol lyo)

Translation: Shoulder Bone Hole

CAM Location: on shoulder posterior to LI-15 in depression inferior and posterior to acromion when arm is abducted.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ15 Acupuncture Point (天髎 (tiān liáo)) / (천료 (cheol lyo))

Chinese: 天髎 (tiān liáo)

Korean: 천료 (cheol lyo)

Translation: Heavenly Bone Hole

CAM Location: midway between GB-21 and SI-13 on superior angle of scapula.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ16 Acupuncture Point (天牖 (tiān yǒu)) / (천용 (cheon yong))

Chinese: 天牖 (tiān yǒu)

Korean: 천용 (cheon yong)

Translation: Window of Heaven

CAM Location: on lateral side of neck directly below posterior border of mastoid process on level of mandibular angle and on posterior border of SCM.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ17 Acupuncture Point (翳風 (yì fēng)) / (예풍 (ye pung))

Chinese: 翳風 (yì fēng)

Korean: 예풍 (ye pung)

Translation: Wind Screen

CAM Location: posterior to lobule of ear in depression between mandible and mastoid process.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ18 Acupuncture Point (契脈 (qì mài)) / (계맥 (gye maek))

Chinese: 契脈 (qì mài)

Korean: 계맥 (gye maek)

Translation: Spasm Vessel

CAM Location: in center of mastoid process at junction of middle and lower third of curve formed by SJ-17 and SJ-20 posterior to helix.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ19 Acupuncture Point (顱息 (lú xī)) / (로식 (no sik))

Chinese: 顱息 (lú xī)

Korean: 로식 (no sik)

Translation: Skull Rest

CAM Location: posterior to ear at junction of upper and middle third of curve formed by SJ-17 and SJ-20 behind helix.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ20 Acupuncture Point (角孫 (jiǎo sūn)) / (각손 (gak son))

Chinese: 角孫 (jiǎo sūn)

Korean: 각손 (gak son)

Translation: Angle Vertex

CAM Location: directly above ear apex within hair line.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ21 Acupuncture Point (耳門 (ěr mén)) / (이문 (i mun))

Chinese: 耳門 (ěr mén)

Korean: 이문 (i mun)

Translation: Ear Gate

CAM Location: in depression anterior to supratragic notch and behind posterior border of condyloid process of mandible; point is located with mouth open.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ22 Acupuncture Point (耳和髎 (ěr hé liáo)) / (화료 (hwa ryo))

Chinese: 耳和髎 (ěr hé liáo)

Korean: 화료 (hwa ryo)

Translation: Harmony Bone Hole

CAM Location: anterior and superior to SJ-21 at level with root of auricle on posterior border of hair line of temple where superficial temporal artery passes.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ23 Acupuncture Point (絲竹空 (sī zhú kōng)) / (사죽공 (sa juk gong))

Chinese: 絲竹空 (sī zhú kōng)

Korean: 사죽공 (sa juk gong)

Translation: Silken Bamboo Hollow

CAM Location: in depression at lateral end of eyebrow.