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Small Intestine Channel SI1 Acupuncture Point (少澤 (shào zé)) / (소택 (so taek))

Chinese: 少澤 (shào zé)

Korean: 소택 (so taek)

Translation: Lesser Marsh

CAM Location: On ulnar side of little finger about 0.1 cun from corner of nail.


Small Intestine Channel SI2 Acupuncture Point (前谷 (qián gǔ(?))) / (전곡 (jeon gok))

Chinese: 前谷 (qián gǔ(?))

Korean: 전곡 (jeon gok)

Translation: Front Valley

CAM Location: when loose fist is made point is on ulnar end of crease in front of metacarpophalangeal joint of little finger at junction of red and white skin.


Small Intestine Channel SI3 Acupuncture Point (後谿 (hòu xī)) / (후계 (hu gye))

Chinese: 後谿 (hòu xī)

Korean: 후계 (hu gye)

Translation: Back Stream

CAM Location: when loose fist is made point is on ulnar end of distal palmar crease proximal to 5th metacarpophalangeal joint at end of transverse crease and junction of red and white skin.


Small Intestine Channel SI4 Acupuncture Point (腕骨 (wàn gǔ)) / (완골 (wan gol))

Chinese: 腕骨 (wàn gǔ)

Korean: 완골 (wan gol)

Translation: Wrist Bone

CAM Location: on ulnar side of palm in depression between base of 5th metacarpal bone and hamate bone.


Small Intestine Channel SI5 Acupuncture Point (陽谷 (yáng gǔ)) / (양곡 (yang gok))

Chinese: 陽谷 (yáng gǔ)

Korean: 양곡 (yang gok)

Translation: Yang Valley

CAM Location: at ulnar end of transverse crease on dorsal aspect of wrist in depression between styloid process of ulna and triquetral bone.


Small Intestine Channel SI6 Acupuncture Point (養老 (yǎng lǎo)) / (양노 (yang no))

Chinese: 養老 (yǎng lǎo)

Korean: 양노 (yang no)

Translation: Support the Aged

CAM Location: dorsal to head of ulna; when palm face chest point is in bonny cleft on radial side of styloid process of ulna.


Small Intestine Channel SI7 Acupuncture Point (支正 (zhī zhèng(?))) / (지정 (ji jeong))

Chinese: 支正 (zhī zhèng(?))

Korean: 지정 (ji jeong)

Translation: Branch of Uprightness

CAM Location: on line joining SI-5 and SI-8 5 cun proximal to dorsal crease of wrist.


Small Intestine Channel SI8 Acupuncture Point (小海 (xiǎo hǎi)) / (소해 (so hae))

Chinese: 小海 (xiǎo hǎi)

Korean: 소해 (so hae)

Translation: Small Sea

CAM Location: when elbow is flexed point is located in depression between olecranon of ulna and medial epicondyle of humerus.


Small Intestine Channel SI9 Acupuncture Point (肩貞 (jiān zhēn)) / (견정 (gyeon jeong))

Chinese: 肩貞 (jiān zhēn)

Korean: 견정 (gyeon jeong)

Translation: True Shoulder

CAM Location: posterior and inferior to shoulder joint; when arm is adducted point is 1 cun above posterior end of axillary fold.


Small Intestine Channel SI10 Acupuncture Point (臑俞 (nāo shū)) / (뇌유 (noe yu))

Chinese: 臑俞 (nāo shū)

Korean: 뇌유 (noe yu)

Translation: Upper Arm Shu Point

CAM Location: when arm is adducted, point is directly above posterior end of axillary fold in depression inferior to scapular spine.


Small Intestine Channel SI11 Acupuncture Point (天宗 (tiān zōng)) / (천종 (cheon jong))

Chinese: 天宗 (tiān zōng)

Korean: 천종 (cheon jong)

Translation: Heavenly Gathering

CAM Location: on scapula in depression of center of subscapular fossa and at level of 4th thoracic vertebra.


Small Intestine Channel SI12 Acupuncture Point (秉風 (bǐng fēng)) / (병풍 (byeong pung))

Chinese: 秉風 (bǐng fēng)

Korean: 병풍 (byeong pung)

Translation: Grasping the Wind

CAM Location: in center of suprascapular fossa directly above SI-11; when arm is lifted point is at site of depression.


Small Intestine Channel SI13 Acupuncture Point (曲垣 (qū yuán)) / (곡원 (gok won))

Chinese: 曲垣 (qū yuán)

Korean: 곡원 (gok won)

Translation: Crooked Wall

CAM Location: on medial extremity of suprascapular fossa about midway between SI-10 and spinous process of 2nd thoracic vertebra.


Small Intestine Channel SI14 Acupuncture Point (肩外俞 (jiān wài shū)) / (견외유 (gyeon oe yu))

Chinese: 肩外俞 (jiān wài shū)

Korean: 견외유 (gyeon oe yu)

Translation: Outer Shoulder Point

CAM Location: 3 cun lateral to lower border of spinous process of 1st thoracic vertebra where Du-13 is located.


Small Intestine Channel SI15 Acupuncture Point (肩中俞 (jiān zhōng shū)) / (견중유 (gyeon jung yu))

Chinese: 肩中俞 (jiān zhōng shū)

Korean: 견중유 (gyeon jung yu)

Translation: Middle Shoulder Point

CAM Location: 2 cun lateral to lower border of spinous process of 7th cervical vertebra (Du-14).


Small Intestine Channel SI16 Acupuncture Point (天窗 (tiān chuāng(?))) / (천창 (cheon chang))

Chinese: 天窗 (tiān chuāng(?))

Korean: 천창 (cheon chang)

Translation: Celestial Windows

CAM Location: in lateral aspect of neck posterior to SCM and LI-18 on level of laryngeal protuberance.


Small Intestine Channel SI17 Acupuncture Point (天容 (tiān róng)) / (천용 (cheon yong))

Chinese: 天容 (tiān róng)

Korean: 천용 (cheon yong)

Translation: Celestial Hood

CAM Location: posterior to angle of mandible in depression on anterior border of SCM.


Small Intestine Channel SI18 Acupuncture Point (顴髎 (quán liáo)) / (관료 (gwal lyo))

Chinese: 顴髎 (quán liáo)

Korean: 관료 (gwal lyo)

Translation: Cheek Bone Hole

CAM Location: directly below outer canthus in depression on lower border of zygoma.


Small Intestine Channel SI19 Acupuncture Point (聽宮 (tīng gōng)) / (청궁 (cheong gung))

Chinese: 聽宮 (tīng gōng)

Korean: 청궁 (cheong gung)

Translation: Palace of Hearing

CAM Location: anterior to tragus and posterior to condyloid process of mandible in depression formed when mouth is open.