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Acupuncture Points for Weight Loss

Generally accepted acupuncture points for Weight-Loss:


Gallbladder Channel GB34 Acupuncture Point (陽陵泉 (yáng líng quán)) / (양릉천 (yang neung cheon))

Chinese: 陽陵泉 (yáng líng quán)

Korean: 양릉천 (yang neung cheon)

Translation: Yang Mound Spring

CAM Location: in depression anterior and inferior to head of fibula.


Large Intestine Channel LI4 Acupuncture Point (合谷 (hé gǔ)) / (합곡 (hap gok))

Chinese: 合谷 (hé gǔ)

Korean: 합곡 (hap gok)

Translation: Junction Valley

CAM Location: On dorsum of hand between 1st & 2nd metacarpal bones approximately in middle of 2nd metacarpal bone on radial side.


Large Intestine Channel LI11 Acupuncture Point (曲池 (qū chí)) / (곡지 (gok ji))

Chinese: 曲池 (qū chí)

Korean: 곡지 (gok ji)

Translation: Pond at the Bend

CAM Location: when elbow is flexed point is in depression at lateral end of transverse cubital crease midway between Lu-5 and lateral epicondyle of humerus.


Liver Channel LIV3 Acupuncture Point (太沖 (taì chōng)) / (태충 (tae chung))

Chinese: 太沖 (taì chōng)

Korean: 태충 (tae chung)

Translation: Great Surge

CAM Location: on dorsum of foot in depression distal to junction of 1st and 2nd metatarsal bones.


Pericardium Channel P6 Acupuncture Point (內關 (nèi guān)) / (내관 (nae gwan))

Chinese: 內關 (nèi guān)

Korean: 내관 (nae gwan)

Translation: Inner Gate

CAM Location: 2 cun above transverse crease of wrist between tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis.


Spleen Channel SP6 Acupuncture Point (三陰交 (sān yīn jiāo)) / (삼음교 (sam eum gyo))

Chinese: 三陰交 (sān yīn jiāo)

Korean: 삼음교 (sam eum gyo)

Translation: Three Yin Intersection

CAM Location: 3 cun directly above tip of medial malleolus posterior to medial border of tibia.


Stomach Channel ST36 Acupuncture Point (足三里 (zú sān lǐ)) / (족삼리 (jok sam ni))

Chinese: 足三里 (zú sān lǐ)

Korean: 족삼리 (jok sam ni)

Translation: Leg Three Miles

CAM Location: 3 cun below St-35, 1 finger breadth (middle finger) from anterior border of tibia.


Stomach Channel ST37 Acupuncture Point (上巨虛 (shàng jù xū)) / (상거허 (sang geo heo))

Chinese: 上巨虛 (shàng jù xū)

Korean: 상거허 (sang geo heo)

Translation: Upper Great Hollow

CAM Location: 6 cun below St-35, 1 finger breadth (middle finger) from anterior border of tibia.


Stomach Channel ST44 Acupuncture Point (内庭 (nèi tíng)) / (내정 (nae jeong))

Chinese: 内庭 (nèi tíng)

Korean: 내정 (nae jeong)

Translation: Inner Court

CAM Location: proximal to web margin between 2nd and 3rd toes in depression distal and lateral to 2nd metatarsodigital joint.

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