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Acupuncture Points for Penis Enlargement

Generally accepted Acupuncture Points for Penis Enlargement:


Du Mai (Governing) Channel DU1 Acupuncture Point (長強 (cháng qiáng)) / (장강 (jang gang))

Chinese: 長強 (cháng qiáng)

Korean: 장강 (jang gang)

Translation: Long Strength

CAM Location: midway between tip of coccyx and anus, locate point with patient in prone position.


Du Mai (Governing) Channel DU4 Acupuncture Point (命門 (mìng mén)) / (명문 (myeong mun))

Chinese: 命門 (mìng mén)

Korean: 명문 (myeong mun)

Translation: Life Gate

CAM Location: below spinous process of 2nd lumbar vertebra.


Large Intestine Channel LI4 Acupuncture Point (合谷 (hé gǔ)) / (합곡 (hap gok))

Chinese: 合谷 (hé gǔ)

Korean: 합곡 (hap gok)

Translation: Junction Valley

CAM Location: On dorsum of hand between 1st & 2nd metacarpal bones approximately in middle of 2nd metacarpal bone on radial side.


Lung Channel LU9 Acupuncture Point (太淵 (tài yuān)) / (태연 (tae yeon)

Chinese: 太淵 (tài yuān)

Korean: 태연 (tae yeon

Translation: Great Source

CAM Location: at radial end of transverse crease of wrist in depression on lateral side of radial artery.


Ren Mai (Conception) Channel REN1 Acupuncture Point (會陰 (huì yīn)) / (회음 (hoe eum))

Chinese: 會陰 (huì yīn)

Korean: 회음 (hoe eum)

Translation: Meeting of Yin

CAM Location: between anus and root of scrotum in males/posterior labial commissure in females.


Ren Mai (Conception) Channel REN2 Acupuncture Point (曲骨 (qū gǔ)0) / (곡골 (gok gol))

Chinese: 曲骨 (qū gǔ)0

Korean: 곡골 (gok gol)

Translation: Curved Bone

CAM Location: on midpoint of upper border of symphysis pubis.


Ren Mai (Conception) Channel REN3 Acupuncture Point (中極 (zhōng jí)) / (중극 (jung geuk))

Chinese: 中極 (zhōng jí)

Korean: 중극 (jung geuk)

Translation: Central Pivot

CAM Location: on anterior midline 4 cun below umbilicus.


Ren Mai (Conception) Channel REN4 Acupuncture Point (關元 (guān yuán)) / (관원 (gwan won))

Chinese: 關元 (guān yuán)

Korean: 관원 (gwan won)

Translation: Original Qi Gate

CAM Location: on anterior midline 3 cun below umbilicus.


Ren Mai (Conception) Channel REN6 Acupuncture Point (氣海 (qì hǎi)) / (기해 (gi hae))

Chinese: 氣海 (qì hǎi)

Korean: 기해 (gi hae)

Translation: Sea of Qi

CAM Location: on anterior midline 1.5 cun below umbilicus.


Spleen Channel SP6 Acupuncture Point (三陰交 (sān yīn jiāo)) / (삼음교 (sam eum gyo))

Chinese: 三陰交 (sān yīn jiāo)

Korean: 삼음교 (sam eum gyo)

Translation: Three Yin Intersection

CAM Location: 3 cun directly above tip of medial malleolus posterior to medial border of tibia.


Stomach Channel ST27 Acupuncture Point (大巨 (dà jù)) / (대거 (dae geo))

Chinese: 大巨 (dà jù)

Korean: 대거 (dae geo)

Translation: Great Bulge

CAM Location: 2 cun below umbilicus 2 cun lateral to Ren-5.


Stomach Channel ST36 Acupuncture Point (足三里 (zú sān lǐ)) / (족삼리 (jok sam ni))

Chinese: 足三里 (zú sān lǐ)

Korean: 족삼리 (jok sam ni)

Translation: Leg Three Miles

CAM Location: 3 cun below St-35, 1 finger breadth (middle finger) from anterior border of tibia.

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