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Acupuncture Points for Ovarian Cyst

Generally accepted Acupuncture Points for Ovarian Cyst:


Ren Mai (Conception) Channel REN3 Acupuncture Point (中極 (zhōng jí)) / (중극 (jung geuk))

Chinese: 中極 (zhōng jí)

Korean: 중극 (jung geuk)

Translation: Central Pivot

CAM Location: on anterior midline 4 cun below umbilicus.


Ren Mai (Conception) Channel REN5 Acupuncture Point (石門 (shí mén)) / (석문 (seong mun))

Chinese: 石門 (shí mén)

Korean: 석문 (seong mun)

Translation: Stone Gate

CAM Location: on anterior midline 2 cun below umbilicus.


Spleen Channel SP9 Acupuncture Point (陰陵泉 (yīn líng qúan)) / (음릉천 (eum neung cheon))

Chinese: 陰陵泉 (yīn líng qúan)

Korean: 음릉천 (eum neung cheon)

Translation: Yin Mound Spring

CAM Location: on lower border of medial condyle of tibia in depression posterior and inferior to medial condyle of tibia.


Stomach Channel ST29 Acupuncture Point (归来 (guī lái)) / (귀래 (gui rae))

Chinese: 归来 (guī lái)

Korean: 귀래 (gui rae)

Translation: Return

CAM Location: 4 cun below umbilicus 2 cun lateral to Ren-3.

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