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Acupuncture Points for Leukemia

Generally accepted Acupuncture Points for Leukemia:


Large Intestine Channel LI11 Acupuncture Point (曲池 (qū chí)) / (곡지 (gok ji))

Chinese: 曲池 (qū chí)

Korean: 곡지 (gok ji)

Translation: Pond at the Bend

CAM Location: when elbow is flexed point is in depression at lateral end of transverse cubital crease midway between Lu-5 and lateral epicondyle of humerus.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ1 Acupuncture Point (關衝 (guān chōng)) / (관충 (gwan chung))

Chinese: 關衝 (guān chōng)

Korean: 관충 (gwan chung)

Translation: Surge Gate

CAM Location: on lateral side of ring finger about 0.1 cun from corner of nail.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ2 Acupuncture Point (液門 (yè mén)) / (액문 (aeng mun))

Chinese: 液門 (yè mén)

Korean: 액문 (aeng mun)

Translation: Fluid Gate

CAM Location: when fist is clenched point is located in depression proximal to margin of web between ringer and small fingers at junction of red and white skin.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ7 Acupuncture Point (會宗 (huì zōng)) / (회종 (hui jung))

Chinese: 會宗 (huì zōng)

Korean: 회종 (hui jung)

Translation: Convergence & Gathering

CAM Location: at level with SJ-6 on ulnar side of SJ-6 on radial border of ulna.


Sanjiao (Triple Burner) Channel SJ8 Acupuncture Point (三陽絡 (sān yáng luò)) / (삼양락 (sam yang nak))

Chinese: 三陽絡 (sān yáng luò)

Korean: 삼양락 (sam yang nak)

Translation: Three Yang Connection

CAM Location: 4 cun proximal to dorsal crease of wrist between radius and ulna.


Spleen Channel SP6 Acupuncture Point (三陰交 (sān yīn jiāo)) / (삼음교 (sam eum gyo))

Chinese: 三陰交 (sān yīn jiāo)

Korean: 삼음교 (sam eum gyo)

Translation: Three Yin Intersection

CAM Location: 3 cun directly above tip of medial malleolus posterior to medial border of tibia.


Spleen Channel SP10 Acupuncture Point (血海 (xuè hǎi)) / (혈해 (hyeol hae))

Chinese: 血海 (xuè hǎi)

Korean: 혈해 (hyeol hae)

Translation: Sea of Blood

CAM Location: when knee is flexed point is 2 cun above mediosuperior border of patella on bulge of medial portion of quadriceps femoris.

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