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Acupuncture Points for Ear Problems

Generally accepted Acupuncture Points for Ear Problems:


Large Intestine Channel LI1 Acupuncture Point (商陽 (shāng yáng)) / (상양 (sang yang))

Chinese: 商陽 (shāng yáng)

Korean: 상양 (sang yang)

Translation: Metal Yang

CAM Location: on radial side of index finger about 0.1 cun posterior to corner of nail.


Stomach Channel ST7 Acupuncture Point (下關 (xià guān)) / (하관 (ha gwan))

Chinese: 下關 (xià guān)

Korean: 하관 (ha gwan)

Translation: Below the Arch

CAM Location: on face anterior to ear in depression between zygomatic arch and mandibular notch; point is located with mouth closed.

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